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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  • Are there any formal language requirements (French/English)? No.
  • I don't speak French very well/My English is not so good. Will I survive? It is of course recommended that you feel comfortable in at least one of the two languages. Brussels is an international city. Living in Brussels is perfectly possible with limited knowledge of French. On the other hand, if you feel uneasy in actively using English, then there is no problem either.
  • In principle, courses with a French title are taught in French, those with an English title are taught in English. In most courses the professor would accept if you take the exam in the other language. In practice, all courses in Module 2, as well as STAT-F-424 are English spoken. This means that you can compose your program in both economical and mathematical statistics completely in English.
  • To which faculty does the Master of statistics belong? Some formalities require to indicate your faculty. Although the Master of Statistics has courses from several faculties, it's overall organisation rests with the faculty of sciences
  • Can I take courses from other departments or even universities?
  • Yes, you can, if you get permission from the president of the jury. In order to avoid problems, check with the jury before submitting the form. A few rules: these courses must not overlap (or not seriously so) with existing courses in our program. Moreover, although there is no formal limit on the number of such courses, we ask that the number is not excessive. Once you obtain permission from the president of the exam jury, check with the secretary office for the formalities needed to register for a course at another university.
  • Who is the president of the jury? 2013-2014: Davy Paindaveine. 2014-2015: Maarten Jansen. Since 2015-2016: Siegfried Hörmann
  • Where is the secretary office?
  • Campus Plaine, NO-building, 9th floor, check for Mrs. Patricia Semeraro
  • At some occasions, you (and we) need to contact the faculty secretary office, which is on Campus Plaine, BC-building; it is recommended that you go and see the contact person there, rather than sending out mails
  • Phone numbers and e-mail addresses can be found the phone book on the main page of the ULB (top right of the web page)
  • When and where do the weekly seminars (STAT-F-426 and STAT-F-509) take place? Mostly Thursday noon, 12h15-13h15 at ECARES. A full list of the seminars
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